So it’s been a day of maintenance.  I’ve been merging all the VectorStorm library changes back into the public library trunk.  I’m about halfway through;  I’ve got the Mac build working, I’ll get the Win32 build going tomorrow.  The screenshot here is the original 3D sample that you may remember from ages back.

Notable changes:

  • vsMaterials are now very important.  Previously, they were a novelty, now they’re a core concept in the VectorStorm library, completely replacing the old “DrawMode”, and mostly supplanting direct setting of colors in display lists.  Materials are now loaded from data, instead of being specified in code.
  • The bloom effect is much more subdued than previously.  This is largely because of work I’ve done in MMORPG2 to make there be a smaller visual difference between bloom-enabled and bloom-disabled builds.
  • Added full lighting/fog/etc shaders — the same ones (currently) being used in MMORPG Tycoon 2.
  • vsOverlays are no longer supported.  They were cool and quirky, but they really don’t fit in with the new focus on performance.
All this isn’t checked in yet.  I’ll put it in tomorrow, along with updated binaries for Win32 and OS X.