#3: ThunderStorm

Released 24th February, 2008

Updated 25th February, 2008


ThunderStorm shot 1ThunderStorm shot 2ThunderStorm shot 3


Source Code:

  • Live Subversion repository: http://www.vectorstorm.org/svn/repos/VectorStorm/branches/GAW-003-Cloud


Be an angry storm cloud amongst cheerful, happy clouds. Spread dissent by shooting the happy clouds with lightning, to turn them into more storm clouds. Control all the storm clouds simultaneously, and try to keep them from being cheered back into happy clouds!


Like all VectorStorm games, ThunderStorm attempts to use a gamepad if you have one connected, and this configuration is highly recommended for this game. (Use the ‘Gamepad’ option menu to configure your controller, if it is not automatically recognised)

If you have no gamepad, you can control the game using the arrow keys, the space bar as your “A” button, and the mouse to aim and shoot.

You may quit the game at any time by pressing ‘Q’ or ‘Esc’.


Game Design, Code & Gfx: Trevor Powell ( trevor (at) vectorstorm.org )

Physics Engine: Box2D, by Erin Catto

Music: Kenta Cho – tt4.ogg, Ehren Starks – Leaving the Theatre

ThunderStorm uses OpenGL, SDL, SDL_Mixer, and GLEW.


  • 25th February, 2008, Version 1.0.2: Updated gamepad preferences screen to allow remapping the right analog stick.
  • 25th February, 2008, Version 1.0.1 (Win32 only): Updated Win32 SDL_Mixer.dll used by ThunderStorm, to not require MSVCR80.dll.
  • 24th February, 2008: Initial release.