Unexpected behaviour

Ladies and gentlemen, cascading shadow maps are working.  (High-resolution shadows up close, low-resolution in the distance.  In this screenshot, all the visible shadows are low-resolution;  the high-res ones are mostly only visible when you’re down near the ground)

This isn’t the best shot of the shadows;  I’ll take another screenshot later tonight which will be a bit more dramatic.  But I was sort of startled to see this a moment ago:  AI developer cursors automatically casting shadows.  I probably should disable that, since they’re not supposed to literally be present inside the game world.  But it’s neat to see the shadows working.

It’s looking like I probably need a third shadow distance.  The close one is really needed for when you’re actually standing on the ground.  But for the shadows visible in the middle-distance here, they look a lot blockier than I’d really like.  So there’s still a bit more work to be done.  But overall, I’m pretty happy with where this is going.