#4: The Incomparable Deductions of Police Constable Sir Nicholas Spratt — The Early Years

Initially released 6th April, 2008



Source Code:

  • Live Subversion repository: http://www.vectorstorm.org/svn/repos/VectorStorm/branches/GAW-004-Mystery


How many times has a secluded dinner party led to murder?

In The Incomparable Deductions of Police Constable Sir Nicholas Spratt — The Early Years, it’s every time. Each time you play, a new murder mystery is generated for you to solve. Figure out whodunnit and when, and when the fiend acquired the murder weapon.

This is a highly experimental game style; I’m very interested to hear back from people about what they feel works for them, and what doesn’t. Are the games too short? Too easy? Too hard? Is it worth doing another one like this, but more in-depth? Do you wish there was more flavour added, about motives and suchlke? Do you wish you could walk around the mansion and find clues yourself? Are you heartbroken that randomised mansion floorplans were removed from the game design? Or any other reactions I haven’t even considered yet? Please leave comments with feedback! :)


Like all VectorStorm games, Nicholas Spratt attempts to use a gamepad if you have one connected, but for this game, I highly recommend using the keyboard. Arrow keys and the space bar, to perform all functions.

You may quit the game at any time by pressing ‘Q’ or ‘Esc’.


Game Design, Code & Gfx: Trevor Powell ( trevor (at) vectorstorm.org )

Music: Ehren Stark – Bailar Tristemente

Sir Nicholas Spratt uses OpenGL, SDL, SDL_Mixer, and GLEW.


  • 6th April, 2008: Initial release. (6 days, 10 hours, 10 minutes)