A day of rest… or not.

So after pushing out all those bug fixes yesterday, I decided to take a day away from the MT2 codebase, before starting on work toward MS2.

…and it didn’t really work out.  I ended up spending much of this “day off” playing with MT2’s shaders, just for fun.  As part of that, I found the causes of the weird visuals on grass on ATI cards (my own fault;  I had actually already fixed it on my ATI machine, and then forgot to commit the fix so that it’d be included as part of the 1.04 build)  I also found that for some reason which I don’t currently understand, the floaters (the red numbers that appear when you place buildings) are causing really strange fog effects on ATI cards.  I’m completely baffled by this, so I just disabled those floaters for now.  They weren’t giving any useful information in the MS1 build anyway;  I can figure out what’s going wrong with them later on.

While I was playing with shaders, I also switched to a nicer fog implementation.  Higher quality, fixes some other fog glitches on ATI cards, and actually runs a lot faster, too.

No other changes in this build.  So unless you’re running on an ATI card, it’s probably not worth bothering with the update.  But you ATI users, this one’s for you.  It’s MS1.05:

No OS X build for this version, since ATI on OS X wasn’t experiencing the rendering glitches in MS1.04.

As usual, if you give this a run on an ATI card, please let me know how it works out for you;  whether the graphic glitches from previous builds are actually fixed now, or whether there are still some left.  Thanks, guys!