Current status

Just bringing everybody up to date on what’s going on:

I’d been hoping to start the MS12 testing last weekend, but the last couple features ran long.  It’s all been taken care of now, though!  The build is now pretty much ready to go.

What’s not ready to go is all the logistics around how I’m getting keys to people, and how I’m going to collect feedback.  Over the past few days I’ve gone through about six different plans for all that, but I’ve now pretty well settled on using Steam keys and a publicly-accessible forum run on my own server;  no third-party accounts required.  (I’d initially been planning to use Itch’s Refinery service, and I suppose that I still might.  But for the moment, we’ll just do stuff here.)

I’m going to run the details past a couple marketing people early next week just to validate that I’m not totally shooting myself in the foot, but I think that’s how it’s all going to work.  Just need to do the last few little bits and pieces, and we’ll be set to start!