New MS1 build – v1.04 (re-updated)

  • OS X Build (Universal.  Requires OS X 10.5 “Leopard”)
  • Win32 Build  (Updated to MS1.05 — see post above)
  • Now runs on ATI cards.  (Still a few graphic glitches to chase down — particularly weird fog effects when placing buildings.)
  • In order to get things running on the ATI cards, I switched the bloom shader to a higher quality version (which may also run slightly slower).  NVidia folks, please let me know if this change causes the game to run noticeably more choppy than before, for you.
  • By popular request, ‘Q’ no longer quits.  You can now only use the ‘esc’ key to quit.
  • Fixed crash when aborting a road placement operation, after starting to lay down the road.  (This is what was happening if you just clicked and released the mouse button, when placing a road)
  • Fixed graveship immediately descending at high speed, the first time you stop piloting it.  (Made it look like you spawned high above the graveship, but actually the graveship was just dropping like a brick with a jet engine)
  • If a subscriber joins, creates a character, and enters the world, and then discovers that there’s no home for him, he now gets huffy and quickly unsubscribes.  Previously, he took the game hostage, and forced it into a tight infinite loop.  D’oh!  This fix isn’t quite right, but it was a fast fix that would at least stop the game from freezing, until I can implement a proper fix.  (Proper fix will be to let the subscriber wander around and play the game, and just generate lots of negative thoughts about not having a home to return to)
  • PCs now end their monster encounter when they die.  (Previously, they could end up running back to kill the monster, even if they really wanted to be doing something else)
  • PCs now actually do all available quests, instead of doing each QuestGiver’s first quest over and over and over again.
  • (1.03 — OSX only) Fixed failure to open on Macs which don’t have SDL_ttf and libpng installed.
  • (1.04) Fixed accidental inclusion of my AI test harness.

I believe that this fixes all reported bugs from the previous two posts.  If I’ve missed a bug you reported (or if you run into a new one), please let me know!

Folks with ATI cards, please post and let me know whether this updated build works for you, and if so, whether you get any strange graphical glitches!  I’m getting a few on my ATI card, but it’s an ancient one with slightly dodgy drivers.  I’m really interested to know whether those glitches are also there with the latest and greatest.  :)