Progress on Lord

Well, I think that I may have finally cracked the last major problem with VectorStorm’s 3D support;  I had another pretty major bug in the rendering code, which was ending up having cameras render with the incorrect field of view (generally about 20-30% wider than it was supposed to be), which was completely throwing my mouse code for a loop.

I now have mouse-based 3D picking working correctly in Lord, which means that I believe the last major tech hurdle has been cleared.  I’m now hoping to have Lord completed this coming weekend.

Of course, I haven’t actually prototyped the gameplay yet;  all my spare dev time has been going into sorting out the tech issues.  So even having run to three weeks instead of one, it’s still going to be a bit scary to see whether the game itself actually turns out to be fun!  The time definitely hasn’t been going into fine-tuning the gameplay mechanics any more than usual…