Lessons learned from Lord

Of course, I can’t post a post-mortem until after I finish Lord, but I think I can safely say that VectorStorm wasn’t ready to have a 3D game made with it;  particularly not on a short schedule, like my GiaW games have!

I was hoping to have Lord completed this weekend, but I’ve been running into one major engine bug after another all week.  The most recent one is that the 3D camera code math was entirely broken.  If there are any programmers out there using the VectorStorm library for anything, don’t trust any of the 3D code in it until I’ve given the all-clear;  the camera<->OpenGL code was entirely broken, and I suspect that some of my 4×4 matrix math is still broken.  The 2D API is still fine, but 3D is probably busted until further notice.