Lord, first playable

Just thought I’d mention that I’ve just hit the “first playable” version of Lord, the increasingly incorrectly named “Game in a Week” that I’ve been working on in my spare hours for the past two or three months.

Ordinarily in a “Game in a Week”, I reach “first playable” somewhere between day five and day six, with a few occurring late on day seven.  Since “Lord” is running so late, I’m probably going to give it just a little touch more polish, and then release it as-is.  It’s not a fantastic game (though it’s not nearly as bad as I feared), but it’s a good proof of concept for 3D in the VectorStorm libraries, and I’m very interested to hear how well it runs for everyone.  Depending on how much time work takes up, I’m hoping to have a package available for download as early as tomorrow evening;  I only need to add a few small bits of UI and write the credits information, and it’ll be good to go.

And there’ll be a substantial post-mortem after this one, believe you me!  :)