Where we’re at

Missed the three-week mark, too.  Part of this was that I had to fix yet another core rendering problem which was causing 3D geometry to draw incorrectly, particularly in widescreen views.  I also had yet another 3D picking bug to sort out, which took far too much time to crack (For the programmers out there, as you move across pixels on your screen, you’re not varying the angle from the view frustum linearly.  I know, it sounds obvious when I say it, but that mistake was yielding lots of subtly wrong behaviour for me).

But with the above out of the way, I’ve made some awesome progress today.  The core gameplay mechanic is now fully working.  The world now wraps around at the edges (in fact, I usually can’t even tell where the edges are!).  You can now use the mouse to scroll around the world, instead of using the keyboard.

Stuff remaining to be done:  Simple models for a few types of building.  Metagame structure.  Sound effects.  Port to Windows (should only require compiling up a Win32 SDL_Image dll).  And I need to contact a particular band to find out whether I can use one of their old songs for the closing credit scroll.  (I probably shouldn’t;  Lord is already going to be huge, as its main gameplay music loop is about nine minutes long..  I shouldn’t add even more music data!)