MMORPG revealed

MMORPG Dev screenshot 2Okay, I’ll confess that I’ve been a little intentionally misleading for the last week.  :)

The MMORPG game I’m working on isn’t an MMORPG;  it’s a single-player game about MMORPGs.  The player takes on the persona of the new owner of a software company with an unpopular MMORPG, and it’s up to the player to bring them back into profitability.

The player does this by adjusting the zoning of the map, by adjusting the player classes available, placing key quests, adjusting subscription costs, hiring and firing programmers/designers/artists, watching the forum buzz and news coverage about the game and company, etc.

At the moment, the very basic MMORPG mechanics are implemented;  the player can set up zoning, simulated players log in to the game, fight monsters, and pick up and complete minor quests.  I’m hoping that by the end of tomorrow, I’ll have simulated players accepting key quests, and then can move on to tuning how all the various parameters and systems interact with each other.