More MMORPG stuff

It’s been too long since my last post, so I’m just going to drop a couple more screenshots and stuff.

The first one is a zoomed-in view of one corner of a map, showing a few zoned regions. We’re close enough in that you can make out a few towns, a starting point, and a respawn point. (The towns are shaped like little houses, the respawn point is the octagon in the southernmost green region, and the starting point is the small square in the northernmost green region).

The second shot is a much more zoomed in view of a different map. This is showing the corner between four regions (three green, one yellow), and we’re close enough in that not only can we see the town and starting zone, but we can just make out the simulated users (the little white dots). These users are mostly all users who have this town set as their home; they’re currently doing quests and fighting monsters to gain levels right now.

I need to come up with a good way for the player to get information about these users. Right now each has a whole lot of data associated with them (what their AI is doing, the player and character names, player gender, health levels, satisfaction with the game, etc), but there’s currently no way to see any of that. I haven’t even written a way to let the player click on them yet.

But the most critical thing is to finish up the basic game UI first. I need to let the player switch between several different bits of functionality in the left toolbar, instead of always being at the “Zoning” tool. The player needs to be able to change the values for the many other input variables in my MMORPG simulation (subscription costs, monster densities, player class definitions, etc)

So there’s plenty of stuff still to do!