Early development shot of MMORPG game

Just for fun, here’s a very early screenshot of my MMORPG game project.  Apologies for the lack of anything really visible in it;  almost all the work thus far has been behind the scenes.

This is a somewhat zoomed in view of the map screen.  The toolbars and suchlike haven’t been filled in yet, but will eventually provide a number of controls.  The user can drag with their right mouse button to scroll around the map, and use the mouse wheel to zoom from a full-world map to a close-up view of the action.  Again, this is a bit like World of Warcraft’s map, but with smooth zooming control.

Each square you see in this view is a “zone”, which would be about a five minute trek from one side to the other.  Theoretically, if this was a full-on commercial MMORPG, each zone would be simulated on its own server to manage player load across the world.  In practice, I’m sure that I won’t actually have to worry about things like that.  :)

Not visible here, I’m using the “Meat” sprite from Muncher’s Labyrinth for players.  But that’s probably only temporary.  :)