Imminent Greenlight


The above is a screenshot of the current state of the Trello board on which I’ve been organising the MT2 Greenlight campaign.  The only thing left to do is to click the little “Publish” button on the Greenlight page itself, which will officially launch the campaign and make the page public.  (Note that if I’m being pedantic, which as an old-school programmer I’m contractually obligated to do, that task should be in the “Media work” list rather than the “In progress” list, since I’m not actually in the process of clicking the button right this exact moment.  But I’ll overlook that just this once).

In fact, there are actually still a few more things that I need to do.  I still need to pick the launch date and time (which I expect will likely be a weekday next week, somewhere around the end of the work day in US time, which is around lunchtime here in Australia;  I’ll post another update once I’ve got that locked in!), and I also need to get my email/twitter messaging prepared and ready to go..  also, a good long sleep at some point would probably not be a bad idea.  But the page itself is done, along with everything on it.  And I’m very, very proud of how it has all turned out.  I absolutely cannot wait to share it with everyone!

In terms of the game itself, I’ve been treating Greenlight as “Milestone 11”.  It has a lot (a LOT) of new art compared to the last public build (Milestone 10), the beginnings of audio, lots of new and modified features, but all of it focused toward what I felt needed to be shown in the Greenlight trailer and screenshots.  Milestone 11 took a lot longer than I’d intended (I’m now 5 months past the date I originally wanted to finish it), but it has worked out heaps better than I ever dreamed, and I’m also halfway through the work for Milestone 12, so once I’m back able to fully focus on dev work again, that should follow in pretty short order.

So think of this blog post as your early warning that the Greenlight campaign is going to happen really soon.  Definitely within the next two weeks, and I’m hoping within just one week.  I’ll post another reminder about a day before everything goes live, and then once everything starts, I’ll be shamelessly pestering all of you to tell your friends to go and vote for us.

Thanks so much for your patience and enthusiasm and suggestions and help, everybody!  I could never have come this far without you all.  :)