Minor update

Very minor update today, since I didn’t have much time to code, but got a few things implemented.

First, VectorStorm materials now have an optional “layer” value.  This value defaults to zero.  Within a scene, material batches are drawn in order, according to increasing “layer” values.  This allows us to force transparent geometry, such as the extending arrow effect, to draw later than opaque geometry, such as the ground surface.  Note that this only works when rendering is performed via the material batching interface on the vsRenderQueue;  materials applied by directly setting them within a vsDisplayList will render exactly as requested within the vsDisplayList.

Second, I’ve been removing lots of old, dead code.  Most notably, I’ve now removed the carcass of the old combat system.  Now that players and monsters are attacking each other using via configurable attacks, the fake old system really isn’t necessary any longer.  The Player AI really needs some serious refactoring;  I’m probably going to spend the weekend trying to massage the code into a simpler and more extensible state.