A New Look

I’ve been maintaining this development blog (on and off) for almost four years, now. In that time,I’ve managed to complete eight “game in a week” games (one of which went substantially over schedule), and one major other project. Professionally, I’ve
been a key member of the programming teams releasing three commercial console games during that time, and have had smaller roles on others. Also during the time since I started this blog, I spent about four months on vacation, about four months unemployed, and am now working for a new employer (where we’re only a few months away from our next commercial release)

In all this time, this blog has remained pretty much unchanged. I guess I was finally feeling like it was time to air the room and let in a little more light, so welcome to the new layout. Clean, simple, and relatively unobtrusive.

Of course, for those of you who read via the RSS feed, there’ll be no visible difference. But for everyone else, hopefully the site will be a bit easier on the eyes, particularly for my longer bouts of rambling.