I promised a useless screenshot

So here ya go.

Today, I’ve been struggling with some old 2D rendering code, trying to make lines line up properly between separate objects.  In this shot, the smaller rectangle should be adjacent to one of the other rectangles, but for some reason is not.  Can’t really figure it out.  But it’s time to get some sleep, so I’ll try again tomorrow, with a fresh brain.

UPDATE (a few minutes later):  Found the bug.  I really need to fix up some of this old code, where objects have constructors that take seven or eight parameters, all of numeric types and with default parameters such that if you forget to include one in the middle, all the rest of the parameters which you do provide end up being autoconverted into other numeric types and used for the wrong parameters.  Everything’s now working, so hopefully I’ll be able to get a proper prototype of the base game mechanics up and going tomorrow.  Now, time for sleep.