I’ve mentioned before that my parents read this blog.  And that my current boss reads it as well.  Also, several of my old workmates started reading it when I posted my retrospective of my time in the games industry.  And now I’ve learned that several of my current workmates have discovered it as well.  So, um, hi, guys!  There’s nothing for making this sort of rapid prototyping exercise successful like the fear of eternal ridicule if I let it drag on past the deadline, like I did with “Lord”.  ;)

So, I’ve figured out a game design to use.  I think it’s clever, and it fits the randomly chosen sentence quite well.  And no, I’m not going to tell you about the game design yet.  Because I’m secretive and because I’m paranoid that I’ll think of something better immediately after posting anything specific.  But never fear, I’ll show a confusing and non-helpful screenshot of progress on the prototype tomorrow evening.  Knowing me, it will probably be a large mass of colourful glowing lines that make no sense to anybody but me.  Because that’s just the sort of guy I am.

To be honest, most of my “Game in a Week” games haven’t had their rough designs figured out until about halfway through, and ThunderStorm’s design didn’t come to me until about five hours before the deadline.  So I still have plenty of time to change my mind.  Most of these games are actually implemented almost entirely over the closing weekend, with little code being written before then.  Very much like Ludum Dare, but with a week of planning and prototyping beforehand.

Anyhow, that’s enough time spent on the blog for the evening;  time to get back to the code!  More chat tomorrow.