Mauled by a bear

The very first time I’ve entered into combat and actually been chased and attacked by a monster.  It actually feels really different to do this yourself, rather than having AI subscribers doing it.


  • Currently, monsters won’t attack you until you come within 10 meters of them.  This feels way, way too close.  I thought that I had a bug in the “consider attacking a player-controlled PC” code at first, before I tried coming a whole lot closer.  In retrospect, many MMORPGs consider melee range to be 5 meters — from that point of view, being invisible to monsters at a distance of 10 meters seems kind of silly.  I’ll probably need to increase this “monster aggression” distance to 30-40 meters, and vastly increase the size of grinding areas, so that monsters are much more spaced out, to compensate for their increased visual range.
  • Currently, combat feels really slow.  Right now, monsters (and AI PCs) currently attack once per second.  It seems a little odd that this feels slow to me; most MMOs I’ve played haven’t had you activating attacks much more frequently than once per second, I think?  Maybe it’s the lack of animations that’s hurting the general feeling, here.  (Please, anyone, feel free to correct me on this impression in the comments — I really don’t want to delve into WoW again just to measure attack timings.  :) )