Very quick update

Hi, guys.  This is going to be an extremely quick update, since I’m pretty much wiped out after a long day.

First thing: Yes, I finally have my Internet access back (yay!), and it’s faster and nicer than ever.  Imagine my surprise to find that in my absence, this web site had successfully weathered a storm of traffic caused by a mention on rockpapershotgun.  Also imagine my surprise to find that spambots seem to have become more devious over the past week, and after attempting to post spam comments, they then proceeded to post irate and abusive complaints about how their spam comments weren’t being posted.  (Yes, even the irate complaints were automatically flagged as spam.  And no, I didn’t click on the SEO links that they were peddling).

Second thing:  As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been doing a fair amount of development over this period without Internet access.  This development included both work on MMORPG Tycoon, and some design and development on another game.  This second game is intended to act as a bit of a safety net;  it’s a much smaller and more well-defined game than MT2, and is targeted at the iPhone/iPod market.  The hope is that if I do run into employment difficulties in the future (and I want to reiterate that I’m still doing just fine at the moment), then I could quickly transition into app store sales to hopefully continue to make ends meet for a while.

Third thing:  During this time, I also completed the single player campaign of StarCraft 2.  I don’t know that I enjoyed it, really, but I did finish it.  Which makes StarCraft 2 only the second RTS game which I’ve played all the way through in single player.