Hiatus update

Just a couple quick comments. I’m typing this from my iPad on a 3G cellular network, as I’ve apparently gone over my limit of 20 gigabytes usage out of the advertised-as-60-gigabyte, also-advertised-as-“unlimited” broadband plan, which means that my ISP throttles my internet access to the point where even basic DNS lookups fail nine times out of ten. Basically means that I’m mostly Internetless until the end of the month, when stuff resets (and I’m moving to a substantially better data plan, which has much higher data limits, is substantially faster, and is half the price).

On the plus side, this current lack of network means that I’m not being tempted to browse the web or play StarCraft 2 instead of coding, and so I’ve been getting rather more than usual accomplished over the last few days. Not going to talk about it too much here; touchscreens really aren’t great for blogging. But once September rolls around and I can post more normally, I’ll have plenty to drone on and on about. And I might have a few more little updates between now and then. But no screenshots until I’ve got the internet back.

In other news, paying work is still rolling along, despite my last post. It’s looking a lot less bleak now than it did last week, so don’t worry about me too much; While we’re not completely out of the woods yet, I’m beginning to think that it’s all going to work out in the end. Further news if/when it’s warranted.