Very quick update

Just a quick note that the bare bones animation system I mentioned before is now working.  “Actors” are shared, so you only have one copy of each animated model in memory (although that detail is hidden from game code).  Each animated model can have any number of animations.  Each instance of each actor can have a different animation playing at any given time, or can be at a different position within each animation.

Stuff that’s still left to do on the animation system:

  • Flagging animations as “loop”, “ping-pong”, or “play once then stop” (currently, they all loop).
  • Consider spline-based interpolations between keyframes (currently, linear).
  • Consider supporting material animations.

Sorry for lack of updates this week;  most of my time and attention has been going to the day job.  Haven’t had a lot of free time this week, so I’ve been spending that free time pretty much exclusively on coding MT2, rather than on updating this web site.  Hopefully back to more frequent progress updates this weekend/next week!