Updated MMORPG Tycoon 2-MS1 build

Just a quick note;  I found the reason why starting points weren’t able to be placed in the Win32 build, and have uploaded a fix.  The OS X build was not affected.  (ed:  There’s now a newer build.  Links to the old build removed)

Here’s a link to the updated Win32 build.

And for Mac users, that version is still here.

I’m especially interested to hear from any Win32 folks who have ATI video cards — does this work for you?  We’ve only had one ATI user speak up so far, and he was having trouble..

Update:  I’m definitely not successfully starting up ATI’s OpenGL drivers.  I can’t imagine how it would be failing, but it definitely is.  I do have a repeatable test case here, and so hopefully it won’t take too terribly long to get a build that will render successfully on ATI cards.