MMORPG Tycoon 2 – MS1 Tech Demo

First, a request.  If you grab the Win32 build, please leave a comment on this post about whether or not it runs for you.  As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve made a lot of last-minute changes to my build environment, and finally ended up making the build on a Mac, running a Win32 compiler under emulation.

So I’d really like to hear definitively whether or not it runs on a real Windows box, and how well it runs.  If you could give your computer’s specs, including video card, that’d be greatly appreciated!  :)

If it fails to run on your computer under Win32, I’d be really grateful if you could send me the ‘stdio.txt’ file that the game creates, just to help me debug what’s gone wrong for you.  You can e-mail it to me at “trevor (at) vectorstorm (dot) org”.  Thanks!

  • Win32 Build (updated — see post above)
  • OS X Build (updated — see post above)


In general, just play around, see what works and what doesn’t.  Remember that this is not, currently, a “game”;  it’s really more of a tech demo, I’m putting it out there to see how well it runs for people in the real world.  Note that it might take a fair while to start up, when you first run it;  it’ll sit there with an empty window until it finishes generating the world.


Left-click on buttons.  Many buttons have tooltips to tell you what they do.  Others have text labels.  Others do nothing whatsoever.

Right-click and drag to turn.  WASD to move.  Space and alt/option to go up and down, when flying a graveship.

Non-obvious stuff: The money system is half-disabled.  You won’t run out of cash, though, no matter how much you do.  (it’s being continuously replenished).

When constructing buildings, you need to build a graveyard first.  Your AI developers can’t get into the world to activate things until you’ve built that graveyard.  So when you’re wondering why you can’t place an Inn, it’s because you haven’t placed a graveyard.  Buttons don’t currently have an “inactive” state to show that they can’t be used;  that’s something I really, really need to add soon.

Finally, note that while you can fly past the region borders, the regions are not yet actually connected to each other.  That is, a graveyard in one region won’t let you build buildings in another graveyard, and subscribers will not travel from one to another.

Feel free to ask other questions, if I’ve forgotten to mention something important.  I’m pretty tired at this point;  could easily have forgotten something I should have mentioned!