Status of Win32 Build

So VectorStorm isn’t really happy on Win32 right now.  I’ve spent several hours, and finally have gotten it far enough to actually render.  Well, sorta.

First, I should note that my Win32 development machine is kind of old, and has a really slow 3D card.  It doesn’t support multisampling/antialiasing (which is a good thing;  it showed me that I had a bug in my handling of rendering on machines which didn’t support multisampling).

But there’s some worse stuff.

First, as you can see from the screenshot above, it doesn’t seem to be drawing my textures — anything which ought to have a texture (clouds, grass, text) is instead being drawn as a flat solid rectangle.  During game shutdown, it crashes when telling OpenGL to delete those textures.  But so far as I can tell, the textures are being created correctly.

Second, the whole shader-based rendering scheme isn’t working properly.  That is, my lighting shaders, which give nicer lighting (and particularly specular) on polygons.  The shaders used in the bloom effect still work fine.  No idea why that might be.  Anyhow, for this screenshot, I had to disable the lighting shaders entirely, and just use the fixed-function OpenGL rendering path.  I’ll start trying to figure out why my lighting shaders are failing once I get the textures working again — they did work for “Lord”!

Third, interleaved VBOs don’t seem to be working properly, and I can’t seem to figure out why.  It’s crashing deep inside OpenGL whenever I try to draw anything that uses an interleaved VBO.  For now, I’ve disabled VBOs and am rendering using interleaved element arrays (which is what VectorStorm does anyway, for folks with video cards that don’t support VBOs).

Update:  I now have the textures drawing correctly.  For whatever reason, at some point I changed my textures from being created as GL_RGBA8 to GL_RGBA.  And that was causing major problems under Win32, for reasons I don’t understand.  Next on my list, getting VBOs and shaders working again.  For your amusement, this is a screenshot of what it currently looks like running via my lighting shaders.  It’s rendering at about one frame every 20 seconds.  So not entirely playable, yet.