M1 nearly done

I thought I was going to get the M1 technology demo build out today, but I ran into a nasty crash bug occurring when PCs outlevel the starting region.  Took me about two hours to figure it out.  As a result, there’s not enough time left to get the build out, tonight.

The only tasks left now are to update the Win32 build, to set up the data files, and to package it all up for download.

But at this point, I want to repeat that unlike most of the stuff I offer for download, this M1 build is not a full game — it’s a technology preview, with some gameplay features implemented.  There’s a bunch of important data that isn’t being presented yet, virtually all of the graphics are placeholder, etc.  But I’m really, really interested to hear about how well it runs for people, on computers that aren’t mine.

More details tomorrow.