Mini update

Today I noticed just how broken the AI is in multiple-monster-versus-one-PC situation.  For example…

  • When several monsters are attacking a PC and kill him, the monster which scored the killing blow will immediately go back to its spawn point, while the other monsters won’t notice that the kill happened, and will chase the PC to the graveyard where he respawns.  (now fixed)
  • When several monsters are attacking a PC and he kills one of them, he forgets about all the other monsters, and goes about his business while they attack him.  Usually this results in him quietly sitting down to try to heal himself, while the monsters pound on him.  Since the healing from “resting” is so strong right now, usually a PC can survive for quite a while, even with a couple of monsters attacking him at once.  (now partially fixed;  PC at least still recognises that the other monsters are there.  This still needs a bit more work, though, so the PC will immediately begin to attack the other monsters, once he’s finished with the first one.)

Also, I played Team Fortress 2 for the first time today.  I don’t have awesome FPS skills, so I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it much..  but I found I was able to do reasonably well and help my team as an engineer, or as a medic, or even sometime as a pyro.  Fun!  But I don’t imagine that I’ll be spending a lot of time on it in the future.  After an hour or so, FPSes always seem to make my eyes itch.