AI improvements

I took a break from development yesterday, but I’m back to it today.

New today:

  • PCs now can see QuestGivers from only 40 meters away (TODO:  consider reducing to closer to 20 meters).  If a PC moves within that distance from a QuestGiver that he doesn’t already know about, he’ll stop whatever he’s doing and go to pick up a quest.
  • Modified (improved?) the PC AI code, so that PCs won’t rapidly flip-flop between different activities.  That is, if he decides to do a quest, he won’t change his mind and go to socialise somewhere until he has at least fought a couple of monsters.  (previously, he could swap back and forth rapidly)
  • Slightly improved the behaviour of monsters, when closing for combat with a player.  (still needs more work;  they often dance back and forth around each other.  They should approach each other and then stop;  it’s just being a little tricky to orchestrate that.)
  • Fixed the stats display when a PC is selected, such that the meters are drawn with proper colors, instead of being drawn black-on-extremely-dark-grey.

Tasks for tomorrow are:

  • Make players and monsters approach each other for combat properly.
  • Modify Grind and Quest AI code to make players find a specific monster within the grinding zone to fight, and approach it directly.  (Currently, both sets of AI code just make players wander around at random within the grinding zone)