Today’s progress

Bullet point list, today.  Not feeling up to writing things out in prose form.

  • Time controls are back in;  time can be paused, run at real-time, at 6x normal speed, or at 36x normal speed.  These numbers, of course, are subject to change.  But the old 1x, 60x, and 3600x used in MMORPG Tycoon 1 were a little silly, and a nightmare for the simulation when running at the fastest speed.  I’ll have more to say about this tomorrow.
  • Fixed cloud and wave movement to be affected by the time controls.
  • Fixed cloud rendering such that they draw correctly when viewed from above.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the management of quests and the placement of monsters.
  • Changed quests to specify their regions using arbitrary n-gons, instead of axis-aligned boxes.  I’ll have more to say about this tomorrow, too.
  • Initial implementation of “GraveShip” controls, which is the interface the player will be using when placing buildings and doing other large-scale work.   Right now, the GraveShip moves on a horizontal plane with the WASD keys, and you can use the mouse wheel (or a keyboard equivalent) to change your elevation.  Right now, it still feels very FPSish;  eventually I’ll start adding control mechanics to feel a little more like a hovering vehicle, without making it more difficult to control.
  • Fixed questing areas to not be generated spanning a region boundary;  questing areas are now entirely contained inside the same region where the quest giver is located.  (Remember again that ‘regions’ are the equivalent of “Duskwood” or “The Barrens” in WoW;  they’re huge areas covering between two and four square kilometers, of generally similar terrain, lighting, and environment type)  Note that the quest system can easily cope with quests being located in a different region from the quest giver;  they just aren’t currently enabled, because the pathfinder can’t actually generate paths from one region to another, yet.