Spelunky coming to XBLA

spelunkyDerek Yu’s Spelunky is a fantastic free game for Windows.  it’s a blend between platformer and NetHack;  platforming mechanics in a randomly generated world, with dozens of different objects and monsters, and all sorts of secrets and fun little game mechanics to discover.  It’s also one of the few games which has me regularly rebooting into Windows just to play it.  MMORPG Tycoon 2 would undoubtedly be much further along in development if it wasn’t for Mr. Yu’s little game.

And now it’s been announced that Spelunky is coming to Xbox Live Arcade next year, with buffed up graphics and even more stuff.  With that sort of productivity-killing distraction coming down the pipes I really need to hurry up in my own development, or I’ll never manage to finish my own projects!

EDIT:  Oh my, that was embarrassing.  When initially posted, I mistakenly credited Spelunky to Derek Smart, rather than to Derek Yu.  Derek Smart, of course, is the controversial man behind the equally controversial BattleCruiser series, whereas Derek Yu is one of the affable and entertaining chaps responsible for the equally affable and entertaining Aquaria.  Big apologies to both, for my inexplicable brain fart and the confusion it may have generated.