Still working


Not going to be finished tonight, I suspect.  But I’m still doing my best.

More than half my time has been going into fixes to VectorStorm’s 3D engine code..  putting in basic, simple things that I’d overlooked before is taking up a rather surprising amount of time.  One big obvious missing thing that didn’t occur to me until I needed it was lighting;  VectorStorm has absolutely no concept of lights, at the moment.. and its only method of applying varying colors to optimised mesh is the old “Overlay” mechanism..  I’ve quickly hacked in a way to set colors, but lighting is out of the question at this point;  I’ll have to add it post-Lord.

This means that the terrain lighting you see above is actually being calculated explicitly on the CPU, instead of being calculated on the GPU.. so it’s not as fast as it could be.  But it shouldn’t be too big a problem.  :)

Of course, the silly thing is that the game design I’ve worked out for Lord is entirely 2D;  the 3D stuff is only used for visualisation.