Game in a Week 6 — Design Locked

Just a quick note that I’ve locked down the design for Game in a Week 6;  right now, my plan is to use the whole quote as its title:  “Lord, save us from that horrible land!”  Although as that’s sort of long (says the guy who named the ‘Nicholas Spratt’ game), I may use it as the subtitle.  I’ll probably make that decision tomorrow.

Anyhow, it may turn out to be a little like game 4, the ‘Nicholas Spratt’ game in that it’s a game concept which could easily be expanded out into a larger game if the whim ever took me.   But it should be fun to play in its own right.  Or at least, I’m looking forward to playing it myself.  Goal for today is to have a fully playable prototype by the end of the day.

I’m a little concerned about the control method for the game.  Ideally, I think it ought to be played with the mouse, but I don’t think I have time to implement mouse picking on my warpy/stretchy playfield today;  I might have to use a controller/arrow keys for the initial release, and have a patch when I get mouse control in.

I should also mention that due to a planning failure on my part, I ended up having the deadline for the game planned for a day when I have very little spare time to actually work on it;  I’m still going to try to have it done by the self-set deadline, but depending on how things go today, the game might end up slipping by a day.  We’ll see.