Monday’s progress

Dinner at EightSo after a few hours of consideration, I’m really finding myself enchanted by the word “sophistication” from the topic. In particular, I have a vague mental image of the player playing as a very small man or a rodent or something, hopping along the heads of anonymous people at an elegant evening soiree.

However, in order to do such a thing, I realised that I’ll need an editor; something like the game design I’m considering would be heavily polygon based and would require a certain amount of artistic flair, which just isn’t likely to come through using my traditional text-editor-created ‘.vec’ files.

So I’ve started learning Blender, and wrote a quick and dirty importer for VectorStorm to read in extremely basic WaveFront (.obj) format files. The screenshot above is the very first thing VectorStorm rendered from an .obj file. (Well, the very first thing that it rendered correctly. It was all very strange and glitchy until I worked out that WaveFront numbers its vertices from 1 rather than from 0.)

I don’t know whether I’ll keep moving along in the ‘dinner party’ direction tomorrow, or whether I’ll be drawn in a different direction. But either way, having a nice importer from a real graphics app can only help out!