First playable

ThunderStorm first playableThere probably won’t be a second playable (owing to a total lack of time), but here it is.  I’m currently calling it “ThunderStorm”, and it’s a somewhat wild and madcap shooter, which is probably way too generous to the player (total death comes quickly and unexpectedly, but very, very infrequently.  There is likely to be an optimum strategy which would lead to infinite playtime.  But that never stopped E4, so who am I to complain, as long as the game’s fun?)

But honestly, at this stage, I’m just happy to have something that makes me smile when I play it.  :)

Now I just need to fit in an initial menu screen, instructions, and maybe find some sound and music.

And I need to implement a control scheme that doesn’t require a two-analog-stick controller.  Probably using the mouse.