A last-minute change of direction with Munchers

U TurnSo I’ve made a rather major change of direction with Munchers. Up until today, I had been building a game which I’ve finally decided just wasn’t sufficiently “Munchers”; the Muncher was basically just a projectile in a pretty standard artillery-style game.

So I’ve changed direction, and am now working toward a different goal-game. I find it interesting that I did this with Damsel as well, except that the game change happened on the Thursday, with Damsel, whereas it didn’t happen until Saturday morning, this time. (But I still expect to have a fully playable game by the end of the day, and that’ll still leave me ahead of Damsel!)

I now have a randomly generated world, and some basic player control. Just need to add some enemies, and some simple pathfinding and AI for them, and it’ll be fully playable. But right now, it’s time to break for lunch. Back in half an hour!