And now, the happy programmer dance.

Snoopy DanceYesterday I talked a bit about how much time I had lost, trying to extend VectorStorm’s collision system to support colliding bounding spheres against line segments, when I really should have just hardcoded the particular boundaries I wanted things to be restricted from crossing.

Today, I’m singing a different tune; I tried my hand at it again, and have had success! This dramatically simplifies some of the Munchers code, as it means I can simply drop collision lines into my collision scene, and have objects automatically react to them in reasonable ways, without spending time coding each one individually. This should actually save me a lot of time, and let me put a good deal more into Munchers than I had originally expected.

The down side, of course, is that I still don’t have a first playable version. That’ll be tomorrow, I suspect. As long as I get that first playable version of the game before Sunday, I’ll still be doing better than I did with Damsel!