Muncher, first playable!

Muncher, first playable Well, I did it! From initial concept to fully playable prototype in just one day. (And I even still have several hours left in the day! But I think I’ll take a little time off to watch Iron Chef, which I taped earlier today)

I’m not going to give away the gameplay, except to say that I think this is one of the most fun games I’ve written in an awfully long time, and that I think it would extend into a more fully scaled game rather easily. And that the game is played to a finite time limit; the player has infinite lives.

Stuff that remains to be done:

  • Music (if any; not sure if it’s appropriate for this game)
  • Sound (need a lot of sound effects for this game)
  • Title screen menu (I’ll probably blatantly steal the Asteroids one again)
  • “How to play” screen.
  • “Story” screen.
  • General polish.

Looking very good for the release tomorrow. I might do another hour’s work on it later tonight, but for right now, Allez Cuisine!