I should really have posted this a few days back, but we’re finally live on Greenlight!  If you haven’t already done so, it’d be fantastic if you could take a minute or two and vote for us, then click through for the trailer, a gallery of new images, and some discussion of how the Greenlight campaign is going!

So we went live on Greenlight on Thursday morning, at about 8am (local time).  At time of writing, that’s about two and a half days ago.  Also as of the time of writing, we’re currently the 58th highest-voted game on Greenlight, out of the 2260 games currently in Greenlight total.  So that’s pretty awesome!

But at the same time, Steam stops sending traffic to Greenlight games after about two days, so we’re now getting a lot fewer new visitors and new votes to our page than we did before.  I’ve been keeping active on social media, which has kept people filtering in, but nothing like what we saw during the first two days.

Now, nobody really knows precisely how Valve decides what games get greenlit.  You definitely seem to have a higher chance if you have a lot of ‘yes’ votes.  But it doesn’t appear that there’s a magic threshold that you have to hit, at which point you get greenlit;  it’s just once every week or so that Valve selects some number of games (sometimes only one or two, sometimes several dozen), and greenlights them.  So.. I don’t actually have anything specific that I need to do, but I feel like I still want the game’s rank to be higher, so I’m still contacting media outlets with links to the trailer and to our press kit.  We got a fantastic blurb on, and another on, both of which have brought a lot more people to the Greenlight page, but both stories have now dropped off those sites’ front pages, so they’re no longer having an effect the way they were yesterday.

All of which is to say.. we’re not in trouble, at all.  We’re actually doing fantastically well;  far better than I’d ever expected!  And getting those two blurbs wasn’t even something I’d thought was even a possibility!  (Huge thanks to everyone involved in making those happen!)  All of that is true, and I still want to do even better.  So.. if you haven’t voted, please vote!  And if you have a twitter following (and haven’t done so already), it’d be awesome if you’d consider retweeting the Greenlight announcement tweet to your followers!  Or if you know a games journalist who might be interested, you might point them at our press kit!  Pretty much everything helps, at this stage, and even one or two votes can make a big difference!

Thanks heaps for all your support through this period!  Showing the game on Greenlight is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, and I’m so grateful I’ve had so many supporters!  <3 you all!  :)