Trailer video incoming

ownitI’ve just put the finishing touches on the first draft of MMORPG Tycoon 2’s greenlight trailer.  (can a first draft have “finishing touches”?).  This is a still from that first draft.

Now, there are still a few issues with the trailer video which I’ll need to address before it goes live;  there’s one early shot which I feel doesn’t fit quite properly, and I’m not entirely convinced by the text in this text placard (although I like the downward-facing sky text;  makes it nicely different from the earlier ones).

Amongst other things, the trailer shows a sequence of text placards, with game footage in between them.  These placards are: “Design it”, “Build it”, and then this one, “Own it”. I’ve had people suggest instead using “Make it your own” for the last one, which I like (but would require making the text a lot smaller).  I’ve also had people suggest “Live it”, which sounds nice but doesn’t actually mean anything.  I’ve also considered “Run it” and “Manage it”.  But neither of those really makes me happy, either.  I’m very open to suggestions, if anybody has bright ideas!

Also, one or two shots seem to have a little bit of frame tearing visible, if you’re watching for it.  I’m not sure how much I should care about that.  Wish my screen capture tools were a little more robust about vsync!

Anyhow, I’m probably only a few weeks from Greenlight, now;  nailing down this trailer video has been by far the most difficult part, but once I decide that I’m completely happy with it, I’ll be sending it off for music and sound effects, and then we’ll be more or less ready to go!

(And incidentally, my arm is healing well;  it still aches a lot, but it’s improving, and I have almost all my range of motion back, as long as I keep doing my stretches.  It’s still very weak when put under any sort of real exertion, but is easily capable of engaging in long-term coding and video editing sessions!  It’s such a relief to be productive again!)