A brief note

Apologies for the recent quiet!

I’ve broken my arm, and so development has sort of stalled for the last little while (and I’m typing this post one-handed).  Plan now is to hit Greenlight in the middle of February.  Been working on a lot of trailer stuff over the last month;  things I can do one-handed!  (Have I mentioned that there’s a lot of new art you haven’t seen yet?  Because there’s a lot of new art.  I’ve sort of been saving it for the trailer, but I’ll be talking to some marketers next week and I’m pretty certain they’re going to yell at me for not just showing it all immediately as it’s gone in.  But it’s too much typing for me to show it to you now with my broken arm, so I’ll just have to take my lumps next week!)

Also been thinking about moving the game’s dev blog over to the main Tycoon site, rather than keeping it here.  At least it’d be at a more immediately-obvious URL. :)

I’ve even been tempted to convert this blog itself into a static site;  getting a little tired of all the maintenance that WordPress demands.  I’ve actually done a test run of that conversion twice, and I sort of like it.  Only problem is that I don’t have a solution for comments, and I’d miss getting feedback from you fine people..  How do you all feel about things like Disqus, for blog comments?  Personally, it would make me a little uncomfortable to be pushing those comments out to a third-party.  But I might just be old-fashioned that way.

Anyhow, let me know what you think!  And I hope you’ve all had a happy and safe(r than me) holiday season!