Milestone 10 build imminent

All features and content for the Milestone 10 build are now complete;  only a few small bugfixes remain.

So at this stage, I’m expecting to upload the Milestone 10 build on Sunday morning;  somewhere around 40 hours after this blog post.

I’m really looking forward to this release;  it’s the first one which won’t require the massive out-of-game “how to play” instructions that I’ve had on every release thus far, since it now has a built-in tutorial sequence that should be able to bring players up to speed.

I’m also really looking forward to this release because after this release, I’m going to be able to start showing all the new artwork that will begin to be integrated for the Greenlight campaign.  (Some of it has come in early, due to the addition of the character and monster editors in this release.  But there’s very little content in there for this release;  there’ll be a lot more very soon!)

Anyhow, I’ll see you all here again on Sunday.  Wish me luck with my bug-hunting!