What’s coming up with MT2

mountain_worldThis screenshot is of an interesting-looking bug I caused today, which accidentally turned much of the game map (including absolutely all of the ocean) into mountains.

Apologies for the recent lack of updates;  I’ve been beavering away at the next MT2 milestone build.  My plan had previously been to have two short milestones;  MS10 was to be “progression”, and would contain a first implementation for most of the remaining game mechanics;  version numbering, unlocking new game features and technologies, etc.  Then MS11 was to have been a refinement of a lot of current mechanics which aren’t quite working the way I’d like them to (placement of questing zones, for example, and of paths between regions), and was also meant to add model customisation for player characters.

What ended up happening is that I’ve decided to smash those two small milestones together into one big MS10 build (which I’m now about halfway through).  There are a bunch of other improvements and fixes in it as well, both visual and in terms of the GUI.

The change that I’m most pleased with so far is an alteration to the UI flow from the last milestone build.  Now the game remembers different MMORPGs separately, and remembers which one you played most recently.  (It also lets you name your own MMORPG, for the first time!  So weird that I’d missed that up until now.)  There’s now a single button at the main menu which lets you load the most recent save from that game.  This new flow is a lot more complicated than the one visible in the last public build, but it’s also a lot simpler for the common use of just wanting to start the game and get back to the game where you last left it.

I think I’m still about three weeks off from this build being ready to go out.  But shortly after this build, it’ll be time to start putting together a Steam Greenlight campaign.  So scary/exciting times ahead!