Milestone 8.1

Due to a few issues some folks were having with the milestone 8 build, I’ve uploaded a new “Milestone 8.1” build.  That’s here:

(We shouldn’t need an updated OSX build, since the troubles have only been reported under Windows).  As per conversations in the Milestone 8 post, I’ve switched back to distributing the Windows build as a zip file for the time being.

There are a few changes in this build:

  • Fixes a few shader warnings which may have been contributing to shader compilation failures reported by some users.
  • Logged messages now get saved out into a file “log.txt”, which is saved into “$HOME/AppData/Roaming/VectorStorm/MMORPG Tycoon 2/”  (or the equivalent, depending on your operating system).  If you do hit an assert and the program shuts down, it will helpfully open an Explorer window in that directory before closing down, so you don’t have to go searching for it.
  • We now log out a lot more OpenGL capabilities, which should hopefully help me track down the problems that people are having, if they continue beyond those shader fixes.
  • Fixes the reported bug about choosing ‘Free Play’ after playing the tutorial scenario dropping you into the tutorial scenario again.

If you had troubles with the Milestone 8 build, I’d be quite grateful if you’d grab this one and give it a try;  if you still have trouble, please e-mail me the log file, and I’ll take a look!  (emails to ‘trevor’ at this domain)

Thanks so much for helping me by testing, everyone!  There’s no way I can test on as many different hardware setups as a crowd can bring to the table.  :)