Milestone 8 build incoming

This is just a very quick notice;  the milestone 8 build will be here in one week;  the 17th of January.

I already have all the core features implemented;  it’s now just a matter of putting on a few more coats of polish.

Biggest new features in it are outside of the core game itself;  a main menu, a loading sequence, a credit scroll, a proper installer/uninstaller for the Windows build, etc.  But there are a lot of other things too; A proof-of-concept for a tutorial sequence, a revamped way of handling detailed entity information, etc.  And of course, a whole lot of bug fixes.

The fix I’m most proud of is a subtle update to the camera behaviour, and the way that it follows the terrain as you move it.  Hopefully now it should “just work”, and nobody will notice the magic it’s doing to hide the complexities that it’s dealing with.  The other camera change is the one that everyone will notice;  the camera is now usable when zoomed all the way in over rough terrain.  Previously, it would pitch often up and down uncontrollably, and often would clip right through the ground.  There’s virtually none of that, any more!.

Anyhow.  This time next week there should be a new build for folks to look at.  Definitely will be interested to hear people’s experiences with it!