RenderTech builds

Hi, everyone!

As I mentioned over the last few days, I’ve set up some builds testing recent rendering technology for MMORPG Tycoon 2 and the VectorStorm engine.  Download links are below.

EDIT: Build #4 is up;  less z-fighting, cursor is back.  Hopefully the last revision!

No Linux download yet, though I do have a Linux build working locally.  If anybody wants to try it out (and help me nail down just exactly what needs to be included in such a download), please comment/email.

Either way, there’s no real ‘game’ here, but there are three new key bits of rendering code which I’d like to have people check:

First, VectorStorm’s built-in glow shader has been extensively modified since the last public build.  Most notably, it should now behave well on every computer.  If you tried any previous VectorStorm game and found that they ran at about one or two frames per second unless you turned off the bloom effect, please try this build on that machine, and verify for me that you don’t have that problem;  in theory, the changes I’ve made should have addressed that issue (but I don’t have access to a machine which exhibits the problem, so I can’t verify).  Note that the bloom shader can’t actually be turned off in this build;  that preference setting isn’t yet wired up to the new rendering pipeline.

Second, the cursor (and only the cursor) is using the new line-triangulation system, which produces sharper lines, particularly at corners.  Not sure how much could actually go wrong with this code, but it’s worth pointing it out and having folks look for problems, since things may be different here than the other lines (which, in this build, are still being drawn with GL_LINE primitives).

Third, the window is now resizable during gameplay.  Feel free to make the window bigger or smaller, to go into or out of fullscreen/maximized mode, etc.  Should all work (although the HUD will currently do some awkward things if you make the window too narrow;  I’ll eventually need to add some window size constraints).

Plus, of course, lots and lots of other system underpinnings have changed;  this is basically the first public build which is running using the rendering architecture from VectorStorm’s v2 branch (open source, available from its GitHub repository), so please do let me know how well these builds work for you, either here in comments, or via e-mail.  If everything seems okay, then I’ll soon be merging that v2 branch into master, and continuing mainline development from there.

Thanks so much!  Couldn’t do this without you all.  :)