Today’s progress

Over the past few hours, I’ve gotten my Windows builds working under the new SDL2 libraries, which is fantastic news — that’s one big task off my list, and makes me very comfortable about moving everything over to SDL2 for future releases.

There are also a bunch of little technical fixes under the hood:

  • VectorStorm’s screenshot functions now work on HighDPI displays (such as OS X “retina” screens).
  • vsImage’s image saving code now uses SDL_image’s PNG saving code, instead of using libpng directly.
  • vsSocketTCP now tries to send data immediately when requested, instead of putting it off until the next time its ‘Update()’ method is called.

These changes are all now live on the github repository, in the SDL2 branch.  Once I’ve verified that Linux builds work too (they’ll be a lot easier to wrangle than the Windows ones), I’ll take those SDL2 changes into the main master branch.

But the big important one is having Windows builds working again, and having moved my Windows development system from the old Windows XP box to the only-slightly-less-archaic Windows 7 box.

Back to game features, tomorrow!