Milestone 2.1 build

This is a small patch;  it’s almost exactly the same as the Milestone 2 build, except:

Bugfix:  Roads and walls no longer strangely arc up into the air as they’re being built.

Feature:  Shadows now work via the standard preferences system.  This means that you can go into the MMORPG Tycoon2.prefs file and enable/disable shadows.  You can also change the size of the shadow texture maps, if you don’t want to entirely give up shadows but your graphic card can’t quite handle the default size for them.  (Since preferences files are stored in a hidden place on OS X, I’ve provided some pre-built sets of preference files, and double-clickable command files to install them.  On Windows, preference files are stored inside the Data/Preferences directory, and the preference files can easily be edited in notepad or any other text editor)

Win32 build

OSX build

And now, back to work on the next big milestone release!