Updating trunk VectorStorm

So I’m updating the core VectorStorm library with all my latest updates from MMORPG Tycoon 2, including some of the optimisations mentioned in my last post.

As part of that, I’ve finally fixed the renderer’s backwards-compatibility for rendering immediate-mode line segments, as is used extensively in the ‘StarShot’ testbed game (shown here).  It’s been a very long time since this testbed game rendered correctly!  Once I finally tracked down the bug, I felt very silly for it — it was a tiny, trivial logic bug that should have been immediately obvious.  But it’s been in the engine for ages, and I’ve been constantly stumped by it, until now.

So far, I’ve finished updating the Mac side.  Win32 is in progress.  Once both sides are complete, I’ll update the public repository.  I currently don’t have an iPhone developer license, so I probably won’t be spending the effort to keep that version up to date unless someone really feels strongly about it.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve moved all of my own development over to git-based repositories, whereas previously I had been using subversion.

Currently, all of the code repositories hosted on this site are using subversion.  I’ve been thinking a lot about moving my publicly available source repositories to a source hosting service such as GitHub or Gitorious.  Alternately, I could keep the code here in the existing subversion repositories.

Haven’t really decided yet.  Very open to suggestions, though.  I’ve started playing with Gitorious a little, and will check out GitHub in more detail later this weekend.  I’m kind of digging Gitorious’s focus on projects, rather than GitHub’s user-centric approach, which seems like it’d result in a lot of fragmenting;  lots of people with individual changes that never get pushed back into a central repository where they can help others.

Anyone have preferences/insights?