A day of bugfixes and restoring old functionality

So today I fixed a whole bunch of minor bugs.  Folks who’ve been following the general game rules will remember that in MMORPG Tycoon 2, all art assets are brought into the game world through the respawn points;  the respawn points are where developers (other than yourself) enter and leave the game world.  As such, if you’re in an empty world, a respawn point is the only building you’re able to create.  At some point in the last few months, I apparently accidentally made it so that even the respawn points are unavailable if there is no respawn point for a developer to use to bring it into the game world.  Which means that in an empty world, you couldn’t build anything at all.  Oops!  Fixed now.

I also spent time fixing the “grassy mountains” problem, where all terrain surfaces in the game were being drawn with a grass effect (which is why I haven’t been close to mountains in any of my screenshots in a very long time).  This issue came in when I switched from old-style terrain rendering to the new (fast, and multiprocessor-aware!) style.  The modifications to VectorStorm’s VBO support which I mentioned a few days ago was in preparation for this fix, so I could actually vary the amount of clutter in a region without killing performance.

Sorry for no screenshot today.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something screenshot-worthy!